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 Pot Committed - one perspective....

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Grand Wizard
Grand Wizard

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PostSubject: Re: Pot Committed - one perspective....   Mon May 05, 2008 5:42 pm

No truer words to be said here. "Pot commited is blowing a blunt, waxing your eyes with visen to ready your next move." The pot is up for grabs............fold if you must or go bust.
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Jon Holt : Jon /Merlin333
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PostSubject: Pot Committed - one perspective....   Wed Apr 23, 2008 3:53 am

The Misconception of "Pot Committed
Playing "Russian Roulette" and pulling
the trigger 3 times in a row because you donít want to look weak

When a player player says he is "pot committed" he is trapped into one of the greatest poker misconceptions of all time. Pro's will zero in on a person who thinks that he is pot committed and will follow him around like a puppy dog until the next time that he gets involved in a hand. Money that has gone into a pot is NO LONGER YOURS. It was yours once upon a time, but as soon as it went into the middle you put it up for grabs. You do not invest money in pots. You gamble money that goes into a pot, a big difference. That money is now up for grabs and belongs to the person with the best hand after the river card.

There are times when you can be somewhat "pot committed." But in all honesty you are "stack committed" and that is a HUGE difference in terminology. Imagine a poker tournament where you have 500 chips left and the blinds are up to $100/$200. You decide that you are going to call a pre-flop bet of 400 chips. In this case you might as well toss in the extra 100 chips and go all-in. Keeping a tiny percentage of your stack when you are committing the rest of it into a single hand makes little sense, especially in tournaments. If you're about to be blinded out of a tournament you're "stack committed" in the sense that you have to take a stand right away.

90% of all players genuinely feel that they are bound by some unwritten code of loyalty to protect the money that they have put into the middle. This is the reason why so many weak players always protect their big blind, and sometimes their small blind as well. How many times have you heard this: "I'm getting into this pot cheap since I already paid the big blind, so I might as well call this bet since I getting it at a reduced rate. That's total BS because [in the long run] if your cards cannot justify getting into the pot you need to fold. I know that the temptation to play is strong. But, if you do decide to play, make that call because you admit to yourself that you are a degenerate gambler who loves the action of the game, and not because you are pot committed.
by :Team JR. Poker team (c)

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Pot Committed - one perspective....
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